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SMA connectors for differential high speed input and outputs
pocketBERT 2016 Award Winner pocketBERT 2016 Award Winner

Product Selection Matrix

  pB100A4 pB40A4 pB10A
Status Production Production Production
Channels Quad Quad Single
Gb/s 24–30 9.0–12 9.95–11.3
Pattern PRBS (31,23,15,9,7) SSPR, CID, custom* PRBS (31,23,7,custom*)
High speed I/O cable - K-connector SMA
Eye monitoring 3Q2016 n/a
Size [inch] 7x5x2 6x4x1
Power Dissipation [W] 15 2
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In the News:

pocketBERT’s pB100A4, a 100 Gb/s BERT recognized with 4.5 score in 2016 Lightwave Innovation Reviews Program

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pocketBERT offers pB100A quad 28G PRBS generator and checker, BER calculator

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Announcing pB100A4!

pocketBERT Introduces New 100 Gb/s BERT!

The pB100A4 is a portable and affordable Quad 25/28 Gb/s PRBS generator and checker, BERT calculator unit, following the companies “personal BERT” solution offerings in the 100GBASE-R4, OTL4 and 128G Fiber Channel domain.
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OFC 2016

During the recent OFC Exhibition in Los Angeles, pocketBERT representatives demonstrated the pB100A4 driving a quad 25 Gb/s PRBS pattern through a a QSFP28 evaluation board. Optical loopback via an EXFO optical attenuator.

picture of newly released pB100A4, small, compact BER testing device by pocketBERT

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